Park, Plaza & Alameda

Book Your Event at the Railyard!

The Railyard Park, Plaza and Alameda comprise the 13 acres of open public space at the North Railyard where all Santa Feans are encouraged to gather and enjoy a variety of activities. Like to create your own event at The Railyard? Here are some ideas and contact information for getting started.

The Railyard Park

The beautiful 10 acre Railyard Park offers plenty of room for everybody to have fun from the children’s play area for kids, to the unique Railway Gardens and Circular Ramada rose garden for relaxation, and numerous trails for strolling and exploring. But there are also special sites that can be reserved for your special event.

If your group includes 20 people or more, a permit is required to use any area of The Railyard Park. If your group is smaller, you are still welcome to reserve an area for your convenience, but are not required to. First come, first serve. The Large Picnic Area and the three Small Picnic Areas (A-C) provide tables, seating and barbecue grills for Private Celebrations such as your family reunion, birthday party or class get-together and can be reserved separately. For Larger Private Celebrations, if available, the Large Picnic Area, Small Picnic area-A and Open Field may be reserved together.  The Circular Ramada offers a unique spot for private ceremonies, blessings, or other small private events, festivals or demonstrations.

The Performance Green has been created for large public assemblies such as music, dance and other entertainment, outdoor movie screenings, community celebrations, rallies and fiestas. The Santa Fe Railyard Community Corporation will determine which applications for these Special Public Events will be accepted based on number of available days for large assemblies, appropriateness of event and overall mix of types of entertainment and organizations involved.

If you are an individual food vendor and would be interested in an annual permit to sell your product at pre-approved areas in the Park, you will be subject to all the same health and business code regulations required by the City of Santa Fe. We welcome your application and encourage creative food products of high quality.

The Railyard Plaza

With its landmark Water Tower and views of all the Railyard art galleries, performance spaces, retail and restaurant offerings, train arrivals and departures and the glorious Sangre de Cristos in the distance, The Railyard Plaza has created a unique new gathering place for Santa Fe and its visitors.

The Santa Fe Farmers Market occupies the Shade Structure on most Tuesday and Saturday mornings from April through November and the Railyard Plaza from May through October. When the Farmers Market is not occupying either space, thePlaza and Shade Structure are available either separately or together for reservations for Smaller to Medium-Sized Special Events, Markets, community celebrations, music, dance and other performances.

The Alameda

The Alameda is the backbone of The Railyard, providing a promenade for walkers, runners and bikers adjacent to the Rail Corridor. While the Alameda is a public walkway and no vending or event entertainment is allowed within it, the Casitas Groves West and the Montezuma Pocket Park adjacent to the Alameda offer sites for Small Special Events such as arts & crafts markets, flower & plant shows, other specialized markets or demonstration and information events, as well as designated locations for individual food vendors. As with the Railyard Park, food vendors will be subject to all the same health and business code regulations required by the City of Santa Fe.  Please contact us for details.

The Santa Fe Railyard Community Corporation (SFRCC) has been contracted by the City of Santa Fe to manage the permitting of special events and other uses of the public spaces of The Railyard Park, Plaza and Alameda.

For all requests for information regarding your event, large or small, please contact the SFRCC Director of Events & Marketing at:
[email protected] or 505-982-3373