Catherine Eaton Skinner: Earth at Our Backs – Artist Conversation/Reception

December 3, 2022 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Pie Projects
924 Shoofly St b
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 372-7681

Earth at Our Back will present new paintings by Catherine Eaton Skinner, as well as works from her recent exhibition at the Las Cruces Museum of Art.

Catherine Eaton Skinner is a multidisciplinary artist embracing encaustic painting, oil painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, textiles and found objects. Her artwork gives expression to her journeys through many cultures and mankind’s quest to find ways to connect to one another in a chaotic world. Skinner’s work is centered on the balance of opposites, as well as methods of numerical systems and patterning used to construct an order to our world. Thus, much of her art encompasses intriguing repetition and multiplicity. She reflects, “We live in a world where it may be difficult to feel a part of the whole, but we continue trying to find ways to connect to place and to each other.”

Earth at Our Backs (excerpt from poem by Catherine Eaton Skinner)

The tracks of our repetition
transient as dreams
pathways forgotten

Her creative sensibilities and stimuli are owed in part to growing up in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by the fresh and salt waters, majestic mountains and old growth forests. She received her BA in Biology from Stanford University while simultaneously studying painting with Bay Area Figurative painters Nathan Oliveira and Frank Lobdell. She splits her time between her studios in Santa Fe and Seattle.