Park, Plaza & Alameda

Public Open Spaces

13 acres of open space throughout The Railyard was created by a Conservation Easement which protects its use in perpetuity for all Santa Feans’ three acres of a gritty and authentic environment reminiscent of the historic railroad hub and warehouse district, softened by the welcoming green spaces of the 10 acre park.

Railyard Plaza

The focus of community and social activity, the Plaza is the heart of The Railyard. Its design offers opportunities for special events, temporary performance areas, community gatherings, and every day uses for individual food vendors and performing artists. Trees are carefully placed to preserve long distance views to the Sangre de Cristo. The area is pedestrian friendly, handicapped accessible and provides drop off zones for elderly and young family members to ensure that like the downtown Plaza, people are able to engage the space in many ways.


The Alameda is the grand pedestrian walkway connecting all activities in The North Railyard. The Alameda begins at Paseo de Peralta and continues north along the Farmers Market where a long shade structure is used by market vendors during the day, and provides a well-lit passageway at night. Across the rail tracks various performance and art venues hint at lively arts and cultural activities inside. The Alameda crosses the Plaza, then enters the Main Railyard to the west of the historic Gross Kelly & Co. Warehouse, finally making its way onto the historic brick passenger platform at the Santa Fe Depot, reaching its northern terminus at Montezuma Street.

The Alameda South is the continuation of the Alameda south of Paseo de Peralta and is an active, well-lit multi-use pedestrian and bike trail parallel to the main rail line. On the west are mixed-use and live-work units and Teen center Warehouse 21, with SITE Santa Fe and the Railyard Park to the east adding people activity to the walk. As part of the overall City-wide trails network, the Alameda South encourages use by a wide range of citizens from families to elders, young and old, the able-bodied and the physically challenged. Connected to the Rail Trail via a future grade-separated crossing at St. Francis Drive, an extension behind the School for the Deaf and crossing to the New Mexico State South Capitol Complex on Alta Vista Street to the east, the Alameda South will be the connection that binds the Baca area and North Railyard as one site and brings the Rail Trail all the way to the Railyard.

Railyard Park

Developed and built by the Trust for Public Land based on an international design competition won by New York based Ken Smith & Associates, the Park is the green heart of The Railyard and an educational and recreational resource for the City. Every feature of the Railyard Park and Plaza is designed to add to the city’s cherished natural beauty.

  • An informal Outdoor Performance Space slopes gently out of a hillside.
  • Children’s Play Area features creative climbing, sliding and play objects made from natural and built materials in a fun, exploratory environment for all ages.
  • Picnic Areas are set amid shady groves and gardens.
  • 5,000 feet of Walk-Bike Trails will link to a citywide trail network.
  • Over 300 trees and several thousand drought-resistant plants in the Railway Gardens and elsewhere create an oasis in Santa Fe’s often thirsty environment.
  • An innovative Water Harvesting System ensures a sustainable, water-wise park.
  • In years of ample runoff, the 400-year-old Acequia Madre will nourish a public demonstration garden.